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Art and the wonderful world of creation and imagination have been a part of my life since childhood. Nature, landscapes, vast skies and inner emotion are strong influences in my work.

I find the power and sheer beauty that nature holds is something quite profound. I love to integrate the hidden treasures of Planet Earth - its patterns, colours, delicacy, and bold intensity, whilst capturing the stunning essence of our surroundings.

In my abstract work I lose myself in colour combinations, textures, composition and the illusion of three-dimensional space, discovering just how beautiful the process of creation can be. If you look beyond there is usually a tale to be told, with self expression being a very fond subject to me, as I assign them titles, a whispered inkling is given into the stories beneath.

I studied Art at A-level and completed a Foundation Diploma specialising in Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art and Design. The rest is just doing what I love doing!

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